The travel industry is a pretty big place and as much I will do my best have my audience covered, I can’t always cover every single topic.

If you consider yourself a good writer and have an interest in writing travel or travel lifestyle related posts then you’re at the right place.

Auxoria is open to freelance writers contributing to the blog to make it an even greater resource for its audience.

If you’re interested in pitch a post, please make sure you’ve read at least 5 of my blog posts to get a sense of how I write.

Keep in mind that when pitching, you should only talk about the outlines of post you want to write about instead of sending me the whole post. Any pitches that disregards this will be instantly discarded, you can send your ideas and pitches over to [email protected] or the contact page.

Have a look at the image below for writing guidelines on contributions and guest post, guest post from travellers are also welcomed.

Writing guidelines for contributions:

Writing guidelines for Auxoria

And finally, do not make use of images or other media which are not originally created or taken by you, or are not known to be copyright free (unlike stock photos).

By adding your media to content, you consent to their copyright usage.

Since you’ll be putting in good time to craft these posts, its only fair you get some perks to it, these include:

• Your unique write up gets published to Auxoria ‘s audience and shared across social media channels

• The chance is promote and increase the reach for blog/status as a freelance writer

• Increase your domain authority and ranking with Google

• A link back to your website, if any, thus more traffic to your website

Writing topics of interest:

• Topics on technical travel tips like money savings, time management, and resource management

• Topics relating to unique demographics of a destination, for example “top 10 spots for massages in iceland”, something of that sort

• Topics on lifestyle that have a direct or indirect effect on travelling

• Topics on your key takeaways from a destination you have visited, the takeaways can be in the form of travel tips or just some things aspiring travellers should take note of regarding that destination

I reserve the right not to publish any post that doesn’t meet these guidelines, and remove anything which I find has used copied or copyrighted material in the future.

Auxoria was created as a space for globetrotters and aspiring individuals who are constantly looking for new adventures and are searching for the better things in life, namely travel to harness their equable uniqueness.

The mission for Auxoria is to provide insightful and informative travel information to help optimize its audience travel experiences and ultimately improve their quality of life.