As the unique and modern brand it is, Auxoria comprises of a number of interesting values which are represented in all of the brand’s work.

Auxoria was created as a space for globetrotters and aspiring individuals who are constantly looking for new adventures and are searching for the better things in life, namely travel to harness their equable uniqueness.

Some of core values of Strendy include:

• Creativity

• Class

• Warmth

• Authenticity

Over at Auxoria, we strive to help rid amazing individuals like yourself of any potential discomfort or uneasiness that might revolve around the topic of traveling.

But not only that, we are also constantly finding new and engaging ways to help globetrotters live better lives by helping them make micro lifestyle changes that have a macro effect.

Over time there will be a number of posts on the Auxoria blog that go more in depth into the different things that can potentially affect the quality of one’s travels along with their respective hacks, tip and tricks.

Our mission:

The mission for Auxoria is to provide insightful and informative travel information to help optimize its audience travel experiences and ultimately improve their quality of life.

I look forward to having you join my community and me on the journey to revolutionize the travel industry whilst bringing out the absolute best of globetrotters all over the globe.

To more amazing adventures and experiences,