Knowledge is power, knowledge of knowledge is mastery

What is this, Casablanca reimagined?

Sounds tempting but no, allow me to elaborate, if you’ve read up about me then you’ll know that I joined the blogger community and decided to write travel related blog posts, with a touch on complimentary lifestyle topics.

But I didn’t just join the travel niche to add to the ever growing multitude of bloggers in this space, I want to make a big difference.

More often than not, articles and other pieces of content online are either jargon, irrelevant or just outdated, and in full disclosure this literally keeps me up at night sometimes. I’m weird like that.

I just know there are better ways of delivering informative and relevant content where and when needed, this is just my second year as a blogger in the travel industry and I definitely have a long way to go but I’m very keen on going there for you.

So many reputable brands are already beginning to really hone in on their preferred and/or specialities in regards to providing values to their audiences and this is what the brand strives for and even more.

I don’t want you to ever feel alone in that you’re short of the needed information that will enable you to make more informed decisions, now it goes without saying that I’m neither perfect nor can I cover every single topic that could possibly be demanded for, but I will do my best.

There’s gonna be a lot of updates and tweaking and testing and writing and coding and creating and researching and marketing and- well you get the point. Until that time when Auxoria becomes rather mainstream ( and even after then).

I want you to consider this a personal word from the founder of Auxoria and stay optimistic, they say we now live in the age of information, but that’s no good if everything’s all smushed up, I look forward to helping you sort through the noise.

As time goes by, Auxoria will into providing more variations of content being produced as well the different formats this information can be reflected.

Therefore, the user will have a wider range of options when actively looking for some guidance on a themed topic that the brand covers.

Some people prefer to learn things by reading about it, and others by going through viscerally engaging visuals, or even if just the good old video.

Whichever way is most desired, as time progresses there will be more options made available for the audience.

Because this is a business (duh), it’s in my nature to seek creative ways to earn income from the blog to keep up with important subscriptions that make it possible to even view this website and also to further grow it, more money means more resources and more resources means more avenues of helping travellers or aspiring travellers like yourself in real time.

Whether it’s by making a donation, purchasing products with affiliate links or shopping my digital products, every act of support means a lot.

This also includes those who visit and revisit Auxoria to check in with its progress, leave comments and suggestions or even just sharing my content such as blog posts or content from the brand’s social channels, I want to say thank you in advance and I really appreciate it.

And to finally end this unorthodox love letter of mine, I just want to let you know how much I want to see you happy in your plans, schedules, lifestyle changes and travel experiences. Together we can be something more, we can change the world.

To adventures and euphoria,