So you’ve decided to click through and are probably wondering what exactly the Ninjas and modern day Globetrotters could have in common, well you’re not alone because i would also find such an article irresistible.

Some of us dream of throwing shurikens with jaw-dropping accuracy, making a bunch of weird hand signs and have clones of us appear all over the place or just move at blinding speeds that simply eludes the human senses.

For the longest time, most us of have had great awe for these mysterious, surreal powerhouses known as the Ninja. Hailing from the roots of Japan’s Edo era, with the two most notable Ninja clans coming from both the Koga and Iga factions.

Maybe we can’t ultimately do all the cool breathtaking jutsu they did at time but, directly through some descendants like the great Jinichi Kawakami and indirectly through some of the different practices several cultures have assimilated into their lifestyle spanning the length of decades, here are the seven ways a common link exists between these two societal factions.

1- Assimilation to Nature

The Ninja, as you can imagine are incredibly great at assimilation, and because they were not as technologically advanced as we are at this time, they adapted exceptionally well and as such developed superior mastery of nature and natural environments.

They were an elite division of military personnel for their era, they had lots of skills (Jutsu) which they shaped, practiced and perfected and in so doing, came in handy when needed.

An example of this is a popular Jutsu in some of today’s Anime like Naruto called “Katon No Jutsu”, while its real world application is slightly different from those on TV, the concept was no different as the legendary Ninja would use Katon No Jutsu to make a quick escape by employing the usage of Fire from well combined natural substances and smokescreens.

Globetrotters Relations:

Fast forward to the scene in modern society, with astounding technological advancements at every conceivable level, billions of people have gained access to travel enabling services, cruising and Airplane flights. As such this has slowly but surely led to a more travel inclusive environment that has become so established, you can literally find travel forums and groupchats wherever you turn to look.

However, the travel scenery is not always rainbows, sunshine and a stellar view of the night sky, sometimes its a little camping tent, bruises inducing hiking trails and one too many bugs in nature wanting to show travellers some love, with bites and stings being how they show affection.

We as a global travel community have grown in many ways which includes finding innovative solutions to challenges in inhabiting amazing and/or otherwise uncomfortable natural environments.

From sweaters and layovers for harsh or scorching environments to first aid kits for minor injuries and even emergency tents for quick shelter when needed, Globetrotters in our own have also assimilated to nature in so doing, have become one step closer to the ways of the Ninja.

2- Natural Improvisation skills

Ninjas are also highly reputable for their ability to improvise, in fact because of this creative nature they cultivate they’ve become significantly flexible in being able to maneuver, influence or escape any situation as necessary.

Besides of their ability to make the most of whatever resources are available to them on missions, they also very much instilled this perspective into their lifestyle, many examples these can be found in their daily routines.

For instance, because tend to live in the deep mountains and other places well grounded in nature, by means of personal experience and sharing of information, they steadily learned about the many supportive as well as offensive and defensive uses for plants.

They could easily set aside a select group of botanicals to help them recover in anticipation of injury as they prepare for a mission, or mash up another set of plants to be served up as poison as Ninja Encyclopedia quotes:

In instances where the relatives of their enemies were sick, ninjas could approach them as doctors and easily elicit important information from them. Not only that, in a lucky case, ninjas could kill their targets with poison.

Ninja encyclopedia

Globetrotters Relations:

Travellers of modern day also face unique sets of challenges when embarking on any journey and because we all love a quick win, we too as a community have realised a number of tips and tricks to ease up the process, from acquiring the enabling speed of a TSA-precheck to employing packing cubes for a more faster and streamlined approach to packing for a departure or even simply burning some mint leaves to fend off mosquitos at a campsite.

Time and again, several events and challenges come up in the daily life of a Globetrotter and whether the creativity applied to overcome the setback is in daily routines or on official wanderlust endeavours, the concept of finding quick wins and alternatives where there would be seemingly none seems to have been passed down to us directly or indirectly by several historical legends.

One of those being the Ninja and thus, giving us another subtle link to the elite members of society that has sparked both inspirations and aspirations to people all over the world, even this very blog you’re reading this article from too.

3- Spirit of Resourcefulness

The Ninja possess an incredible culture of resourceful and this quality single-handedly makes them stand out in society, from eating foods that act as a medicinal supplement, to the creative weapons in their arsenal and even other psychological tricks up their sleeves to get information they want out of a target.

They were well equipped in a full-circle approach to self management and while a plethora of interesting gadgets and weaponry may be seen in several of today’s militia, some of these groups were probably influenced in some sense by the age of Ninja in Japan.

Globetrotters Relations:

Its highly improbable to say the wanderlust community of today would have any need for large bamboo sticks and smoke grenades (although that would make for a neat escape when needed), there are indeed many existing and upcoming platforms, technology and organizations formed as a dedication to provide the ever needed support associated with travelling.

Even from a simple Google search its quite easy to get acquianted with a few including special credit cards with travel perks, booking and planning agencies for several groups of travellers and even a legion of travel blogs providing insightful information to the best of their abilities like this very blog you’re reading, we may not be in the Edo Era anymore but the spirit of resourcefulness still very much thrives at the heart of the travel industry today.

4- The Wanderlust Factor

Naturally, the line of work and missions carried out by ninjas more often than not requires them to travel to both neighbouring and distant lands, over the course of several undertakings like these, they’re bound to develop a natural skill for managing themselves outside their known environment and thus for such reasons they make can become quite sociable in the course of their missions.

As far as they’re concerned, establishing connections with a long range of natives from another land provides them the opportunity to learn about important information they might need to know, build an alternative life for themselves should they choose to stay around (such tendencies being prevalent with the kunoichi) and casually plant a few spies while they’re out making friends of course.

Globetrotters Relations:

There are certain skills and instincts that are exclusively cultivated by frequent travellers, and while no one is invulnerable to mistakes, they become more travel savvy and have far less chances of getting disrupted by setbacks, like the ninjas globetrotters naturally develop a flair for getting around and navigating foreign environments with a reasonable level of independence.

It goes without saying that the nature of their endeavours require them to learn fast and accordingly make proper decisions, but despite all the ups and downs of the journey, its always a thrill to be out in the world exploring distant lands and that sentiment remains the same for all travellers from all walks of life.

5- Superior Negotiation skills

Shinobi (ninja) were extensively trained in the arts of espionage, martial arts and of course all manners of tactical manuvers in both situations of battles and social challenges, they learned and practice a number of psychological techniques that allowed them to do a lot of things from slipping through the ranks of enemy fortitude, to convincing locals to become spies on their behalf and establishing double agents out of enemy spies as well.

Sometimes their ability to negotiate and manipulate social settings were rather helpful to their missions, but sometimes it was of pure necessity, the wonderful Ninja encyclopedia has a more detailed rundown on how they were able to do what they do, a brief quote from their site sums it up nicely:

Taoism from China and Buddhism are parts of the roots of ninjutsu (忍術). In Taoism, it is considered that man basically has five emotions. They are ” delight (喜) “, ” anger (怒) “, ” sadness (哀) “, ” fun (楽) ” and ” fear (恐) “. On the other hand according to the understanding of Buddhism, people possess five desires. They are ” appetite (食) “, ” libido (性) “, ” eagerness for fame ” (名声), ” greed for money (財産) ” and ” desire to sleep (睡眠) “. Ninjas replaced ” desire to sleep ” with ” eagerness for hobbies (風流) “. Ninjas controlled humans by means of stimulating these ten fundamental urges of men.

Ninja encyclopedia

The Ninja spared no effort in accurately profiling their targets and then proceeding to engage them, as it could sometimes prove fatal to act upon a wrong observation while inside enemy territory.

Globetrotters Relations:

Globetrotters deal with a wide range of experts and service providers to help them in their ever frequent travels, while having large amounts of cash to throw at every challenge was one way to take care of business, it certainly wasn’t and still isn’t the case for a lot of established and aspiring travellers alike.

In order to remedy this, a lot of people in this industry have done a great job in devising ways to get around several issues that could arise, from getting tickets at a cheaper rate to acquiring streaks of hospitality services for a fraction of the price and even straight up travelling to world class destinations without any monetary payments, globetrotters have indeed shown and still continue to show promise when it comes to expressing the human drive to explore and move forward despite any setbacks.

6- Power Planning

Its no surprise that the ninja had to form specific routines for profiling their targets from enemy territory as well as the very lands they’re gonna be travelling to, weeks or even months before the missions they would come together and devise tactics, strategies and order of actions to be carried out upon deployment into their destination.

whether its stuffing armor with shurikens or practicing their knowledge or disguises, they took their time to do what they felt was necessary and when the time came for them to move out and do what was requested of them, they were able to move quickly and any plans they set in places was made as foolproof as possible with the presence of a backup should things turn out to be unexpected.

Globetrotters Relations:

Globetrotters too are perhaps one of the best sets of people in the space of general event planning, they needed to be if they were to get any decent level of peace and fulfillment from the experience of their journeys.

From setting up appointments with travel agents and booking flights and hotels in advance to learning new languages and cultural nuances, their flair for planning sharpens with every travel and a natural instinct to navigate the unexpected turblences of life on the road is born as well, in these beautiful ways, the legacies of the Shinobi Era lives on through them.

7- Kunoichi Practice

The Kunoichi may be classified as a special division of Ninjas, due to the fact that they were female shinobi in training. They had most of the training the men also received however their areas of focus and expertise were for the most part in profiling, infiltration and manipulation of high ranking targets within the enemy ranks.

They were known for their proficiency in slipping through and spying on some rather tight social circles which would prove difficult for the male Ninja to otherwise get around when considering the presence of heavy security details amongst other things.

The nature of their practice often times meant they would settle down for quite a while with their target, whether its getting married, becoming a mistress or even yet another concubine. They did what they felt would be necessary to fully get in on real time intel the male ninjas would need in order to make a move and attack, on that note the kunoichi can be considered the Japanese equivalent of a Trojan horse.

According to historic Japanese shinobi texts, Kunoichi were trained from a young age and with such inviting and beautiful faces, people were drawn to Kunoichi rather than being wary of them, and when they’ve spent enough time with the target to be trusted, they would start sharing intel with the male Ninja companions and when the time was right, leave an opening in the castle somehow and in so doing initiate a raid.

Globetrotters Relations:

Obviously women of today’s world would rarely need to orchestrate getting married and deceiving their partner only for several ninja to raid in the middle of the night, but there’s definitely a thread of similarities between female globetrotters and the Kunoichi.

Nowadays women in this space have gotten much more flexible with handling some things the men might not really have to concern themselves with liking looking after a baby en route or even a pet while working through other travel routines.

Maybe the times and circumstances are much different between these two groups of women but the spirit of determination and novelty still endures and with that it goes without saying that no matter the age women play a considerably important role in several communities of society.


Back in those good old days, the road to Ninja required dedication, prudence and training amongst many other things, however as with much of the rich stories of history the shinobi era has for the most part come to a stopping point.

While in today’s world you’re probably not gonna randomly look out your window and find a hooded figure jumping around the trees and gaslight you regarding the presence on random bushes in the first place, some of the core cultures, values, wisdom and lifestyle practices of the Ninja and Kunoichi still live on in the hearts of their descendants and distant admirers alike.

This was a pretty interesting take on both the world of wanderlust communities today and the glorious age of Shinobi, perhaps you might even decide to read more on the Ninja, watching some documentaries or even travel to Japan and train in a dojo. Whatever the case, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this article and would be so kind to share with others, keep calm and enjoy your travels.