Going viral on pinterest these days can seem like this far reaching goal, but its really a matter of doing a few things on rinse and repeat.

Getting started with an online business is a great experience, it’s fun, adventurous and thrilling but at the same time its tiring, overwhelming, and all things in between.

In my opinion, it’s a few simple (yeah right) steps on rinse and repeat, to illustrate this,

Let’s see an example:

First set of steps:

• Think of your blog topic

• Choose initial brand name

• Build a website

• Design your website

Second set of steps:

• Start working on some posts

• Make a social media account for your brand

• Set up a few more pages for website

• Build more on your initial branding efforts

Third set of steps:

• Promote your website

• Set up legal policies

• Include sign up forms in website

• Start looking into SEO

I could go on all day about this but, See what I mean? A few “simple steps” on rinse and repeat, now what i would like to touch upon today is something that can significantly affect how much and how fast your brand grows in terms of authority, community and overall exposure.

This is when you promote your website via social media, SEO will probably be in later stages, call it a business order of things for some entrepreneurs.

Social media can help you reach thousands or even millions if you use it right (emphasises on the “right”, thus the emergence of so many social media coaches/managers), and one of the incredibly powerful yet slightly overlooked platform for promoting your brand, is Pinterest.

growing your presence starts with promoting your brand

Pinterest my dear reader, is not as popular as Instagram or Facebook but its reputable enough probably be installed your phone by default, its great for looking up images of anyone, anything and anywhere, you even get the liberty of mixing up these elements in a search query.

In fact, it even has a special feature known as the pinterest lens, this handy tool can help you search for a similar pin (pinterest image) by literally scanning the section of the photo you want to be searched for (section because you may choose to scan all or part of the image).

But do you know what else pinterest is? A search engine to help you narrow down who knows what, where and why. I’m talking entrepreneurs, bloggers, business admins, the whole lot of the online business world.

If you’re a blogger, or have any form of online business, you shouldn’t just be on pinterest, but actually use it.

With over 250 million monthly active users (and growing), you can easily promote your brand, drive traffic and generate more revenue.

There are many free online resources to help you get started, but the thing with those is that you don’t quite get all the details, and you get a few paid resources here and there to complete the whole package.

between content on pinterest involves investing in resources
Back when I obviously didn’t know what I was doing

If you’re gonna optimize Pinterest, you might as well do it right the first time, and for that you’ll most likely need some type of guidance, this is where a coach comes in.

auxoria after increasing reach on pinterest
Strendy before the rebranding

P.s: If you’re wondering why you’re seeing “Strendy” when this website’s name is Auxoria, its because I did a rebrand and also changed the brand name.

I decided to make some changes so I can better manage my finances in this pandemic pandemonium and also because I want to have greater control over my blog, further monetize it, create more amazing content and ultimately grow the brand.

Emily, an acquaintance of mine (initially bumped into her profile on pinterest), has been in this unique space for a good number of years and she has had quite the experience since one of her pins first went viral.

Imagine over 5 or even 10 thousand people viewing your website consistently for 3 months, its okay if you need a minute to process that- but this is very much real and you can get such results for your brand and MORE.

After Emily witnessed her blog transform from the presence of an incredibly huge score of viewers, she was inspired to discover the set of steps (like I touched upon earlier) that results in a pin going viral, rather than just sheer luck.

It took time, some trial and error, naturally. But she figured it out and now she wants as many people as possible to gain this knowledge and get amazing results too 🧚‍♂️

She decided the best way to do this was by creating something engaging, bite sized and neat, she created an ebook, The Viral Pin.

Its a paid product with a price point of $25, the average Pinterest E-course is at least 4 times that price at the bare minimum, but Emily is making it quite affordable, an obvious no brainer.

Now in the spirit of authenticity, i intended on buying it not long before i got a free copy of the ebook, at the time I happened to be in her Facebook group when she was hosting a giveaway contest, I just happened to be one of lucky winners.

However, I’ve read the book and I can tell you The Viral Pin is the real deal, I love doing research and a lot of things i was familiar with was covered, and even more I never knew about.

Pro tip: Write it down

write down things you notice to help you later with using pinterest
Some of my notes from what I learned

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to rewrite every single word in the book- that’s illegal. But makes notes of the things you’re learning as you go through the chapt

I could go on about this but I’ll let you see for yourself how amazing this masterpiece is. Go get your copy of The Viral Pin and watch as your website/brand transform, before prices go up 🚀

By purchasing this product, I will get a commission from the purchase at NO EXTRA COST to you, this helps me renew important subscriptions that enable me to further grow my blog and create more amazing content, help me help you 🖤

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