Packing for a cruise is just as important as the actual experience, Cruising is always great to experience and having the right items to further enhance that experience is something that every cruiser should look into.

More often than not, packing for a cruise will be determined by some factors unique to you, some of which include:

• Items for your cruising time.

• Items for all cruise visiting ports.

• Items for your destination if you opt for something like a cruise extension.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the things every cruiser should have in their luggage.

1- Cloth specific items.

packing clothes for cruise

Don’t forget to learn about the cruise line’s designated dress code as well as the formal attire for the ship’s formal nights.

Side note: Pack some shorts.

They’re portable, easy to wear and will come in handy for any activity involving water or being sportive.

Pro tip: Wrinkle sprays are the way to go.

Due to the fact that your cruise line won’t allow items like irons, you may find the quality of a wrinkle release spray helpful in keeping your clothes looking tidy.

You can also pack other items like a swimsuit for swimming and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Speaking about the sun, you should also bring along a jacket or sweater for times the weather’s extra cold mid-cruise, sufficient amounts of sunscreen if you’ll be venturing into sunny regions, pashminas are also another great alternative.

Another dress related item to consider is footwear like sneakers or any other ones you’ll be comfortable in for when you go on tours ashore.

2- Monetary items.

cruise budget planning phase with credit cards

Remember to bring along your credit card incase you want to withdraw some money or settle up any balances at the end of the cruise.

Side note: Take cash for tipping.

Although some cruise lines have gratuities charges automatically setup, you may want to consider deactivating these automated charges to bring along some cash on you to tip them as this adds a more human touch to it.

Pro tip: Don’t forget travel insurance.

A lot of things can go wrong in a lot of ways with travel so be sure get your trip insured right from the get-go.

3- Storage items.

cruise luggage specs and determination

Storage items would be things like your tote bag for when you’re mid-cruise shopping or something like a daypack.

Side note: Consider getting a waterproof bag.

In the event that you’d like to go snorkelling, you may want to get a portable waterproof bag for placing your stuff if you don’t want to leave them behind.

Pro tip: Use a packing cube.

Especially if you’re one that pay attention to details and like to be very tidy, packing cubes offers a very minimalistic way of storing your clothes without taking up too much space.

Shoe holders are also popular with the lot of cruise veterans, they can help you store little or fragile items that could otherwise get misplaced in your cabin.

Ziplock bags are can be quite valuable too as they have the unique ability to store many different things.

When it comes to choosing a suitcase, you’re much better off with a spinner wheel suitcase, there won’t be much effort required in getting around with that.

4- Security and wellbeing items.

cruise health checks and insurance along with cruising safety tips

Be sure to take along any medications you might need if you have any medical conditions along with the necessary health documentations. Bring along your antiseptic wipes for wiping down surfaces too.

If you know that you’re prone to sea sickness or this would be your first time cruising, you may want to research any medications that will alleviate it.

The same goes for your security, you may want to get a travel safe if you aren’t comfortable with using the cruise’s cabin safe.

Side note: Bubble wraps are for the friable.

In the event that you bought any friable goods then having some bubble wrap to secure it in place will help protect it from breaking while in transit.

Pro tip: SD cards are important.

You should really consider getting an sd card with lots of storage capacity prior to the cruise, you will need a place to store those pictures and videos from your trip after all.

5- Accessibility items.

Managing cruise ship accessibility items

These are items that help with getting around and managing your items you’ve packed along.

Side note: Take a power strip.

It’s crucial for you to have something like a power strip for maximising your usage of power outlets in your cabin as these are very few in number for cruise safety reasons.

Don’t forget to take along your charger for things like your phone or tablet. Earphones can be brought along too for a more private, serene experience.

Pro tip: Bring your binoculars.

Its not an item you’ll necessarily need however you should consider taking binoculars, since you’ll be seeing a lot of places over the course of the cruise, using binoculars can help you get more up-close views.

Some other accessibility items to take along include:

• Toiletries.

• Cruise luggage tags.

• Insect repellents, depending on the cruise’s itenary.

• Nightlight.

• Cruise door decorations.

• Sticky notes.

• Towel clips.

• Poo pourri.

• Mini fan.

• Magnetic cabin hooks.

• Batteries.

• Coffee mug.

graphics for cruise packing post
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In the end, you wanna make sure you don’t take too much items, although there’s virtually no limit to how much luggage you can bring, pack the items you’ll need and improvise for the ones you don’t, keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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