How to meditate while traveling you say? Is that even possible? Well yes it is like many other things in this century, its just a matter of practicing some rituals on rinse and repeat.

More often than not, travelling often requires a lot of focus and planning and over time this may tend to affect our stress levels and the ability to be in a relaxed state of mind.

Meditation, unlike a few years ago can now mean spending hours tuning in to our inner universes or simply just taking a few minutes out of the day to ground ourselves, try out these steps for a more consistent meditation experience even while you travel.

1- Be present in the moment.

Mind meditation by focusing on your current environment

Being present in the moment to take in the feel of your environment can help in calming your mind and taking your focus away from stressful thoughts.

The idea here is that by consciously taking the time out to observe the different parts of your environment, your attention would be momentarily taking away whatever stressful thoughts you had, thus allowing your mind to refresh itself.

Side note: Focus in singularity.

Whether that’s your breath, the trees or even how many clouds are in the sky, focusing on a single thing when trying out this subset of meditation can enhance its reliving effects.

Pro tip: Block out distractions.

If you’re not in a situation where it may be demanding of your activity like boarding an airplane, blocking out distractions can help you focus more on your meditative exercises and be more present, noise cancelling headphones can really help with this.

2- Meditate with nature.

lifestyle improvement includes mediation in nature

Nature meditation has been around for quite some time and has been adopted by lots of meditations lovers, a good example of this is a practice that may be known as forest breathing in Japan.

Taking some time out to meditate, focus and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the energy that flows with it will undoubtedly help you be more at ease.

Side note: Meditation retreats can help too.

Meditation retreats are also on the rise in different parts of the globe and you may want to consider attending one in your destination, they specialize in trying out different meditation exercises in a serene, secluded environment.

Pro tip: Walking meditation is an effective time considerate practice.

Walking meditation is great because you don’t have to spend too much time on it to feel a difference, provided you actually make an effort to do it properly.

Walking meditation is basically about slightly slowing down your pace outdoors or on a stroll to take in any surrounding scenery as well as being mindful.

3- Sound is another good meditation medium.

practicing mindful meditation with soothing sounds

Sounds or audios can also significantly help in not only tuning out any outside noise but also focusing on your environment and being more in touch with your emotions.

Side note: Music is another good choice.

Meditation with music is also great, by focusing on the music you listen to, you’ll get the illusion that to some extent, you are in a secluded space and this can help in tuning out any negativity or distractions and you may also meditate with it by focusing on the sounds and flow of the music.

You even take this a step further by closing your eyes and pretending to sleeping, when your visual systems are shut down, your brain will focus more on other senses like sound and touch, helping you be more mindful.

Pro tip: Consider guided meditations.

Guided meditations are great in that they’re specifically designed to help you calm down and reorganize your thoughts.

Moreover, since they’re actually guided, you won’t have to begin the grounding and concentration stages from scratch.

4- Tune into yourself.

Guided meditation with resources online can help you get better

‘Tis esentially the very core of meditation as a lifestyle practice, obviously in the middle of your travels you probably won’t be having much time to meditate for long periods of time.

However, you can do some form of meditation in just a few minutes and notice a considerable difference in your demeanor.

Side note: Look into writing.

Writing as a form of meditation is a great idea and has also been recommended by a lot of psychology experts.

It helps you become more mindful and even identify any negative thoughts or emotions and switching them, some other seclusion items like a noise cancelling headphone can also help with further enriching the experience.

You may also consider using this time to write about some of the things you’re grateful for or some fun, creative ideas you’d like to look into and try out in your free time.

Pro tip: Manage your time efficiently.

In times when you’re not too busy, you may want to consider trying out a few meditation exercises or even setting apart sometime like 20 minutes for doing some mindful meditation.

Meditation apps like calm or headspace can also come in handy when it comes to managing your time and when you’re consistent enough with it, you’ll find yourself feeling more calm and vivacious.

5- Take care of yourself.

Taking good care of both your body and mind

This should go without saying but taking care of yourself is actually one of the most important aspects of meditation. When you have a healthy body, achieving a more positive and peaceful mindset would be that much easier.

Side note: Limit intake of sleep depriving consumables.

Try to refrain from consuming sleep depriving substances like alcohol or caffeine as they can affect the length and quality of your sleep.

Pro tip: Sleep on time.

Rest at the appropriate time to help you maintain your energy levels required to think and function properly and also help retain your mental clarity.

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Meditation is a great way to stay positive and stress free, even with just a few minutes per day.

Being focused and consistent in your desired form of meditation can help you achieve a substantial difference in your everyday mind-body dynamic, keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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