When it comes to learning how to be more adventurous, some of us naturally have a flair for that sort of vibe more than others, and that’s okay. However, that’s not to say anyone can’t further hone their sense of adventure.

As a globetrotter, it’s very important to always have a sharp sense of adventure, being more adventurous enables us to live life more vivaciously and positively.

Adventures is not only limited to amazing destinations so even when you’re not globetrotting, you can still keep your adventure levels up and do more adventurous things, some things to know about honing your adventure instincts include:

1- Find your adventure purpose.

Determining the core purpose for choosing the adventure lifestyle is first step

Typically, adventures often consist of doing something fun and new, some of you may be open to something fun but doing some new and foreign to you can be overwhelming or intimidating.

The best way of conquering and getting over the fear of doing something is by actually doing it, its really interesting because when you do that thing you’ve feared for so long, your brain will no longer label it as something to be so scared about.

Side note: Establish your drive.

More often than not, doing that thing just to get rid of your fears isn’t sometimes enough, which is why it’s so important to also have a drive (reason) behind what you intend to achieve from taking on adventures.

Whether that’s gaining more self confidence, adding to your bucket list of cool things achived or you’re just looking for a fun time, having a reason for taking on more adventures will help you quickly overpower any fears or doubts about trying new things.

Pro tip: Seek out a professional.

If you find that your insecurities towards being more adventurous may be more deep seated than you think, then you should consider seeking out the services of a professional like a therapist to help you address them, sometimes this might be the best option.

2- Start from your vicinity.

learning to be adventurous includes starting adventures from your environment

Before even planning out a trip to Japan or going for a mountain hike, starting from your local environment can help you get started quickly with having and keeping a more adventurous mindset.

Side note: Try new routes.

This is one I’ve personally tried and can attest to, no matter where you’re living, chances are they’ll be some routes you’ve never even ventured into.

You should consider checking them out to discover new exciting things like a new food spot you’ll take a liken to or even meet your next cute date.

Don’t be shy about making the first move when it comes to connecting with others you find interesting, you just might be thanking yourself later.

An exception to this would be an area or route that’s known to be creepy or just outright dangerous to go.

Pro tip: Don’t back away from new experiences.

As much as trying something new can be a little nerve wrecking, it could just hold the oppurtunity to experience something you’ve been craving for a long time and the thing is without actually being adventurous enough to see, you’ll just never know.

Even if its something as simple as reading that book you’ve been putting off, you might just learn something you’ve always been curious about or perhaps switching things up with your daily schedule or the foods you eat.

3- Take up a new hobby.

Learning a new skill to add to your subset

Whether that’s taking acting classes, writing blog posts, doing more meditation or learning a new language.

Trying out new hobbies and interest is not only a great way to connect with others and develop new skills but it also helps you stay in a more adventurous headspace.

Side note: The internet is resource full.

Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for in your immediate environment, you can look to the internet for online classes that specialize in what you want to learn.

Pro tip: Sort your interests out.

If you’re interested in a couple of things, you could schedule a time everyday or every week to do the things you enjoy.

4- Connect with like-minded people.

Making friends with people who have an adventurous mindset

Having people who share your adventure interests is great because they will inspire you to grow and learn new things from your adventures you might have been oblivious about.

What’s more, you can have a more exciting time with people who match your energy and you’ll now have a great travel partner if you decide to go on adventures together.

Side note: Be reasonable about your adventures.

It’s not recommended to just do things you feel might be adventurous right off the bat because you may have seen someone else do it. Starting small is the way to go before taking on the more bigger experiences.

Pro tip: Don’t compare adventures.

If you have someone or a few people in your life or online you consider to be adventurous, refrain from trying to measure your level of adventure to theirs.

It’ll only make you feel more anxious and stressed, besides you picked up the adventure lifestyle to grow and have exciting, enriching experiences rather than pointless competitions.

5- Travel better. Live better.

Living more adventurously and improving your quality of life

Okay, this is probably the most obvious of them all but travelling can significantly increase your love and appreciation of adventures.

With a more positive and abundant state of mind, the better the quality of life too.

Side note: Be safety conscious.

As much as you intend on being more adventurous, don’t forget to be logical about your choices too, whenever you choose to take on a new adventure, be realistic about it and some of the proper precautions and safety measures to have in place before diving deep into it.

Pro tip: Try related activities.

When it comes to doing new activities or ones you’ve really wanted to do for a long time, you may want to consider doing something related to that activity as you may just find that even more interesting.

For example, if you’re taking acting classes, you may want to consider doing some singing sessions and seeing how you feel about it.

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We are all natural born adventurers but the daily hustle and bustle of modern society has somehow diminished the presence of this trait in majority of us, while being more adventurous isn’t something that may come easy or happen overnight.

Being consistent about it will help you be more settled in this state of mind and its definitely worth it, keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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