If there’s anything just as popular and mainstream as airplanes in the travel industry, it would be trains, they’re fast, inexpensive as opposed to flying and they offer a more introspective travel experience, so today we’ll be discussing some tips for train travel.

We’ll be going over some things you should have in mind when planning out your next train travel trip.

1- Get your ticket early.

getting train ticket in advance for a chance to get it cheap

It’s much better to take some time out to get your train ticket ready so you won’t have to worry about wasting time queuing later on or worse, not ending up going after you’ve had it all planned out.

Side note: Arrive early to your platform.

Sometimes with a train and its platforms, it may take some time for things to get sorted out but if you arrive early and ask the staff to point you to your platform on the train, you’re much more likely to avoid all the racket later on when the other passengers arrive.

Pro tip: Think ahead.

When you request for your train ticket in advance, you’re more likely to be provided with more seating options and in some cases lower fares.

2- Pack the adequate items.

packing appropriately for your journey on the train

As the date of your train travel approaches, you may also want to consider getting all of your items you plan on taking along packed up and ready to go.

Side note: Purchase the right ticket.

Different train companies have different policies on the variety of train tickets they make available for passengers.

Be conscious of this when you’re about to purchase a train ticket, lest it thwarts your plans and bookings you might have made in your destination.

Pro tip: Bring your medications.

For those with a health condition, be sure to check in with your doctor to make sure you’re ready for the trip and also take along any necessary medications you might need over the course of the trip or even when you arrive at your destination.

You may also want to know some essentials to pack for your train travel, to further streamline the planning phase.

3- Bring all the necessary documents.

documents required for your train trip

As you’re busy planning out your trip, don’t forget to collect all the necessary documents like your passport, driver’s license/government issued ID and others.

Side note: Don’t forget your medicals.

Don’t forget to take along your medical documents, unlikely that anyone will ask but you can’t be too sure.

Pro tip: Student ID works too.

Its essential to have a valid means identification with train travel, if for some reason a government issued Identification Card isn’t yet made available to you, a student ID should suffice.

4- Train travel intricacies.

Further details to know regarding your trip on train

Along with all the details discussed above, there are a few other things to keep in mind both before the day you travel and while you’re en route.

Some of these things to keep in mind include:

• Bringing along any items you may need for a particular experience you wish to achieve on the trip, like a camera for taking pictures of beautiful sceneries or a special complimentary stone to help you relax and meditate.

• Not leaving your luggage unattended and also remembering to take them along once you disembark the train.

• Observing the train environment and taking note of emergency exits in the event that you’ll be needing to use one.

• Refraining to rush-board the train while the doors are closing as this may result in injury.

• Putting your luggage in the another seat rather than the overhead which may prevent others from sitting down.

• Making way for those who may be disembarking the train before you board.

• Being considerate of delicate passengers like the elderly, disabled or pregnant women.

• Respecting others privacy and not disturbing them with your means of entertainment.

• Being alert at drop off points, lest you miss or get past yours.

Side note: Have your ticket validated.

For those who got their train tickets at the train station rather than online should validate their train tickets.

Once validated, you should use that ticket within the specified timeframe, you may also want to note that some train companies actually have penalties against boarding a train with an unvalidated ticket such as giving fines.

Pro tip: Purchase a travel insurance.

Having a travel insurance is a good idea in the event that your trip got cut short or delayed. You won’t have to worry about getting reimbursed for some of your prepaid expenses.

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Relax a bit, once you’ve made the adequate preparations, gathered all the necessary documents and arrive on time, you’ll be good to go. Keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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