For many of us, knowing some ways to overcome self doubt is important because this can more often than not, affect decisions we make in one way or another.

When it comes to setting goals and making plans, having doubt can really be a deterrent and delay if not completely affect things.

Today we’ll be looking at some ways to effectively minimize the effects of doubt and kick it to the curb.

1- Stop making excuses.

self doubt in the form of excuses is bad habit

Refraining from tolerating vague or unrealistic excuses will help minimizing your chances of having doubts about your goal, as doubt is sometimes a result of dwelling on uncertainty.

Avoid trying to justify your not doing what you feel you really should be doing and complaining about it.

Although not recommended for your whole network but sharing your story and progress in the journey with someone special can and will not only keep you motivated but you’ll also be getting an accountability partner to inspire you to keep going on days you’re low on motivation.

Side note: Do away with validations.

When it taking decisions and doubts, it’s not recommended to keep a habit of constantly seeking validations from others.

Asking others about every little thing is not a good headspace to be in and it also subtly and subconsciously communicates to your mind that you aren’t sufficient enough to take decisions.

Another thing you may want to note is that more often than not, people are a little too occupied with their own lives to notice, much less point out your own issues so don’t take it personally if others seem to be too busy to tend to your feelings.

Pro tip: Privacy is golden with goals.

Its better to keep your plans and goals to yourself as much as you may feel the urge to tell others, this is because when you tell people about your goals and they acknowledge it and start praising you.

Your brain will misinterpret this newly perceived social status as a result of actually achieving that goal, therefore when you try taking steps towards that goal, you may find your motivation dwindling down and your overly inquisitive stalker AKA your doubts drawing closer.

Preventing all of that in the first place is possible if you keep your goals to yourself.

2- Be mindful of your own perceptions.

being aware of your mindset and shifting away from a doubtful one is key

Its very important to be conscious of the things you say to yourself and how you perceive situations in contrast to how they really are.

Side note: Be wary of your network.

You should be thorough about who you’re letting in your network and the people you spend time with as they tend to have a direct or indirect effect on how you see yourself and ultimately how you see the world around you.

Pro tip: Do what makes you happy.

Whether its dancing in the shower, lip syncing your playlist or listening to your favourite podcast.

Doing things that put you in a more positive state of mind and motivated will help you be more realistic about your doubts and how irrelevant they are to achieving the your goal.

Be kind and patient and loving with yourself, self compassion is all about acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and accept them as factors for helping you grow and getting to the next stages of your life.

3- Self awareness is key.

raising self awareness to better master your mental state

Having a good sense of self awareness will help you maintain an optimistic state of mind and you’ll also be able easily identify moments when your mind is beginning to entertain doubts and put a lid on it quickly.

Side note: Recognize your doubts.

Speaking about self awareness, being able to identify times you’re being doubtful and acknowledging your doubts (not subscribing to them) will make it so much easier to deal with it.

Pro tip: Acknowledge your wins.

Get something like a diary, journal or even a notepad to write down your wins and achievements regardless of if they’re small, this way whenever you look at it you’ll be motivated to do more things.

Also you’ll begin to notice just how much you have achieved so far despite any previous doubts you might have had in those times.

4- Be a little more realistic.

becoming a little more realistic about the things you doubt

Get realistic about your doubts by asking yourself questions like why you have your doubts and if it even matters in the first place. Avoid letting your mind wander and begin to catastrophize everything.

Just like with procrastination, doubts tend to settle in once you start feeling anxious about the uncertainty relating to the future and the outcome of your results after achieving your goal, however this is not the proper perspective to have.

Side note: Embrace uncertainty.

With uncertainty, there are really two ways to look at it, one is seeing it as a seemingly vague and suspicious thing or as an opportunity to grow and have more achievements or in the very least a chance to learn something new from failure or mistakes.

Pro tip: Practice mind-fu.

Okay so obviously not an actual martial art or lifestyle (was a good title so let’s just go with it) but being present and more mindful are good ways to combat your doubt in that you’ll be more realistic and be more conscious about your state of mind.

5- Don’t seek perfection.

refraining from seeking perfection to avoid entertaining a doubtful mindset

Trying to be perfect or do things perfectly will only result in getting yourself stressed and pressured when it comes to taking action and with this you may begin to find yourself eagerly looking to justify your excuses.

Side note: Take more actions.

Its much better than just talking or thinking about it, when you take action and begin to gain clarity on what you really want and how you’d like to achieve your goals.

I think I’ll let a reputable modern day entrepreneur, Marie Forleo tell you about it because she said it better than I may be able to when she said and I quote:

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

Marie Forleo.

Pro tip: Don’t fear adversity.

Usually, doubt can also arise because of some sorta encounter with adversity, if this is case then its not completely bad, trust in yourself and believe your goals are worth achieving as adversity is usually an indicator of your getting closer to being successful.

graphic on getting over doubt
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Stay on your bright side, be consistent in your efforts, focus on your dreams and you will feast on your success. Keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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