Having your dog come along with you on a road trip is always fun and a new experience for those doing it for the first time, and packing list for dogs is one of those things that comes to mind when planning out the trip.

However before leaving, there are some things you should consider taking for your journey and we’ll be looking at that today.

1- Water.

bringing water for roadtrip with your dog

Just like food, water is very important for dogs if not more important since it isn’t recommended to give your dog too much food on the drive.

Side note: Take your home water.

Water from other areas might upset your dog’s stomach, since your dog is used to the water at home, take sufficient amounts of that water and store it in something like a water bottle.

Pro tip: Bring some ice cubes.

It’s much easier to hand your dog a quick ice cube rather than having to give it water on the drive, it can be easily ingested and it helps keep your dog hydrated.

2- Food.

taking food for roadtrip with your dog

Be sure to pack all of your dog’s favourite foods and treats ahead of time for your trip.

Side note: Don’t give your dog foreign foods.

Make sure you pack enough of your dog’s treats and try not to give them anything they’re not familiar with en route, this will reduce their chances of vomiting.

Pro tip: Bring extra.

You’ll never know what might happen so its better to bring a little more extra than estimated, not having anything to feed your dog over the course of the trip will leave you with one unhappy dog.

3- Collapsible food and water bowls.

using dog bowls for food and water

Its good to have a collapsible food and water bowls for feeding your dog, it helps them consume better and it’s very space minimalistic.

Side note: Avoid feeding your dog on the drive.

Doing this will make them likely to puke from all the motions and it will only waste more time on your part, you can give your dog a light treat whenever you take your next road trip break.

Pro tip: Dont multi-task.

If you really have to attend to your dog then be sure to make a quick park somewhere first.

4- Toys and favourites.

packing your dog's favourite chewy toys

When packing items for the road trip, don’t forget to bring along your dog’s favourite toys to help it stay sharp and entertained.

Side note: Mix it up.

Try bringing along 2-3 different toys your dog likes to play incase it gets bored of any one of them.

Pro tip: Invest in pet wipes.

Typically, there’s a good chance your dog will make some kind of mess in its crate and having some pet wipes can help make the cleaning process easier. Microfibre is also a good option as they’re extremely absorbent to wet items.

5- Appropriate documents.

collecting the necessary travel documents before travelling with your dog

Be sure to collect and take all the appropriate documents for your road trip like a health certificate or travel insurance documents.

Side note: You may need your pet’s documents.

If you’re travelling internationally or across state lines, its possible for you to be stopped and vetted for some of your dog’s documents like a health certificate showing that your dog is healthy for travel.

Vaccinations records showing your dog has received any appropriate vaccinations, and other documents stating the health conditions of your dog (if any).

If you know your dog has any medical conditions or perhaps a recurring issue of car sickness, be sure to discuss it with your vet and get any appropriate treatment or medication for your dog.

Pro tip: Look into your destination’s pet policies.

Its good to do some research on your destination to see if they have any rules that state anything about or against your dog before leaving for the journey so you don’t get there surprised.

6- Your own information.

taking dog ownership precautions

Its important to have your own information attached to your dog’s stuff in the event that you and your dog got separated.

Side note: Keep a photo.

Take a recent picture of your dog and keep it with your luggage so that if you really do get separated from your dog you’ll be able to prove you’re the owner and help any concerning authorities find your dog.

Pro tip: Spread it out.

You can attach your destination address and contact info to a travel tag and attach it to your dog’s collar and also have another tag attached to your dog’s crate.

7- First-aid kit.

packing safety items for dog travel

Sometimes things might not go as planned on the trip and for times like this, its incredibly helpful to have a pet first aid kit for your dog incase you’ll be needing it.

Side note: Discuss it with your vet.

You should discuss getting your dog a first aid kit with your vet as they might know some of the more important items your dog might specifically need but you may not even consider.

Some of the things to have in your dog’s first aid kit include:

• Vet wraps

• Sterile pads

• Hydrogen peroxide

• Gauze

• Tweezers

• Grooming wipes

• Antibiotic ointment

• Towel

You may get a better sense of what items to add or remove from this list after discussing with your vet.

Pro tip: Don’t rely on sedatives.

When travelling with your dog, resist the temptation to sedate it as this can even bring unwanted results. You may discuss other ways of de-stressing your dog with your vet like aromatherapy or pheromones.

graphic on travel with your dog post
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The key takeaway with packing for dog travel is to pack items to make your dog comfortable and occupied, making the drive easier, smoother and faster for you. Keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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