So you wanna get the deets on how to be travel savvy, but who doesn’t really?

Nothing like the sweet vivacious energy of youth and the quest for supreme awesomeness.

In this post, you will learn about some things you should pay attention to when travelling alone as a young adult.

1- Don’t rush into everything.

don't be too impulsive about everything as a young adult, its a bad start

This is especially important when you comes to young adults wanting the very best of their springtime of youth when travelling, this is good but as with a lot of things in life, less is more.

When you comes to exploring new destinations and different cultures, be especially careful not to come off as a negligent person. A good reference to this is some of stories we hear online about influencers being “rude” or condescending to the locals.

They may not actually be “rude” but for the locals in that destination, they might perceive what you think is a kind gesture to be a rude one, which is why its highly recommended to do your due diligence and research on how things go at your specific destination.

Side note: Read reviews.

Reading reviews from travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt or platforms like TripAdvisor can help you gain some further insight about your destination.

Besides this some common pointers to research on include:

• What they’re definition of personal space is.

• How comfortable the locals might be with you taking their pictures.

• Your destination’s views on interacting with the opposite sex.

• Expressions and gestures that they find offensive.

• Appropriate ways for making friends with the locals.

Pro tip: learn some phases.

Taking some time out to learn some of your destination’s native language words can prove helpful at times and doing this is now easier with the emergence of language learning platforms like duolingo or memrise.

2- Be security conscious.

endeavour to be more security conscious in your ventures

Another factor for young adults to consider when travelling internationally is security. This being said, there are a number of ways to be better cautious like:

• Keeping your travel documents secured.

• Refraining from disclosing private details to strangers.

• Minimizing the cash you carry on you and taking only the amount needed.

• Doing background checks into your options before booking residences like hotels or hotels.

• Getting security news and updates about your destination.

• Avoiding looking like a flashy tourist which are highly targeted by thieves and shady individuals.

• Moving around your destination with a valid means of identification.

• Using discretion with your social media posts.

Side note: Do some forward thinking.

You may want to attach something like your phone number to your luggage in the event that your stuff gets lost en route.

And according to popular travel blog wanderingrosetravels:

Research if your destination requires vaccinations and whether your activities or locations warrant additional immunizations. Start early, some vaccines take a while to kick in or require multiple doses.

Wandering Rose Travels.

Pro tip: Make a security overview.

Overall, it’s best to account for some of the more demanding security scenarios that could possibly take place and the appropriate ways of dealing with their respective cases, a good way to enforce this is by making a list and then checking them off.

3- Have a connection strategy.

have a plan or idea for forming or joining young adult travel groups, networking is helpful

In a foreign environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with many different things which is why its good to have someone also there to be able to talk it out with.

Side note: Consider travel groups.

You may want to look into online brands that can help connect with people either already at the destination or are about visiting there themselves, some good examples of such brands are Fairytrail or BoldEarth which can aid in your search.

When speaking to the locals, be sure to look them in the eyes (without staring) and put on a warm smile, this will show that you wish to be taken seriously and that you’re a friendly person.

Pro tip: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

As much as you may want your trip to be smooth and fun, every now and then its likely that something might not go the way you planned but don’t let it put you off entirely so much that you can’t enjoy your trip.

4- Plan things out.

be sure to plan out your trip and pack any items you might need

It’s so easy to get excited about your next destination but don’t forget to actually plan out the steps you’ll take the get there.

Make sure you have the important documents in place like your Passport, Visa, Travel insurance documents, Medical documents and any further required permits you might need if you will be bringing along something like a pet.

Side note: Leave enough time.

From checking in at the airport to the least needed time it’ll take to have your passport processed and available for use, you definitely wanna make sure you consider the time factor when drafting out your plan for managing all of the travel processes.

This will also help you in that you’ll have a more streamlined plan towards the day of your flight, be sure not to overlook the small details too like items for your travel itenary and the likes.

Pro tip: Take a chill pill.

No, not an actual pill but rather it’s an expression implying that you should also take some time out for yourself to just breathe and know that everything’s gonna be fine, After all travel is supposed to be enriching to the soul right.

graphic on young adult travel

Especially as a young adult, travel can be very enriching to the soul. Make the necessary planning, do your due diligence and you’re on your way to great adventures. Keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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