We all love a good tune and what better way to share them than travel with your instrument. Today we’ll be discussing some things to consider so you can know how to travel with a Guitar, lest that beautiful piece of art gets messed up real fast.

1- Loosen your guitar strings.

loosen your guitar strings before boarding the airplane

Now, as an avid guitar user, you may have heard about this but loosening the strings of your guitar can help in preserving those delicate strings, plus having the strings still attached en route can increase the chances of arriving at your destination with a broken guitar as a result of all the motions.

Side note: Review airline instrument policies.

You should be sure to check your chosen airline’s specific instrument policies regarding any further important information that will be applicable to you that you would have missed otherwise.

Pro tip: Add contact details.

Another good idea is to add your contact information to your guitar and its case in the event that you can’t find it.

2- Place proper padding.

placing proper padding around empty spaces in your guitar case is recommended.

Speaking of motions, you definitely wanna have some cushion around any empty spaces inside your guitar case, to see how much empty space there would be, place your guitar inside its case to see, particularly the neck and headstock.

A guitar can be quite delicate in a flight so you should endeavour to bring any unnecessary movements to a minimum by placing proper padding, besides bumpy movements, they will also help soften any blows occuring from falls or throws by airline personnel while you’re not there.

Alternatively, you may want to consider wrapping your guitar in layers of bubble wrap before securing it in your guitar case. Bubble wraps are inexpensive and are known for their ability to absorb impacts to protect other items.

Side Note: Get a humidifier.

Typically, there will be temperature changes over the course of the flight and this in its own can contribute to the chances of your guitar getting wrecked, for this reason its advised to get a humidifier to keep everything cool.

Pro tip: Research some good cases.

A good guitar case will be strong enough to handle the lot of bumpy movements over the course of the trip.

You can also do some research on travel guitars if you might prefer that, they are designed to better suit a flight environment.

3- Watch out for free spaces.

be on alert for airplane seating options that offers more spaces

Its paramount to be on alert for free spaces both when booking the flight and on the departure day. Popular services like seatguru can aid you in the process of choosing a seat.

Side note: Stay in a distant seat.

If possible, try to book a seat at the front as this will ensure that you’re one of the earliest to board the plane thus giving you space in the overhead to place your guitar, book a seat in the back if you know the people there board first, alternatively you may also opt for having your guitar as a carry-on if your airline allows it.

Most guitars have a history of breaking at the cargo hold so avoiding to have your guitar placed there is great.

Pro tip: Ship it.

If you feel like your guitar is just too precious or expensive (or both !!) to let it get broken then you can also consider shipping it to your destination. This may take some more time but its usually far safer and secure.

You may also refer to your guitar and guitar case makers for any further details on how to better travel with your guitar.

graphics on flying with guitar
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For you, a guitar is that beautiful piece of art that helps you better connect with the world, now you know how to securely travel with it. keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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